Leonardo Ai

Leonardo.ai is an “AI art generator.” It offers users a diverse range of image creation and editing capabilities that generate multiple high-resolution images at once with text or image input.

Leonardo Ai

Leonardo.ai is an “AI art generator.” It offers users a diverse range of image creation and editing capabilities that generate multiple high-resolution images at once with text or image input.

You will notice on the home screen the various features included. We will go through the features below:

·   Image Generation ·   Realtime Canvas

·   Canvas Editor ·   Motion

·    Realtime Generation ·  Universal Upscaler (BETA)


AI Art Generator

1.Image Generation

When you are on the Home Screen, click Image Generation, the first box.

When you click on Image Generation, you must type a prompt to let Leonardo know what type of image you would like to create.

Then click Generate

I asked it to create four images of "dogs." I added the word dog to the prompt field.

These are the four images that were created.

You will also notice that on the left side you can select the number of images you want in the output

You can also select Leonardo PhotoReal which is a powerful pipeline designed to help you create everything from cinematic photography to lifelike portraits.

Alchemy- which is their signature image pipeline, that brings premium, high-fidelity image generation.

Transparency- that generates images with a transparent background

You can also select the input dimensions and aspect ratio


Prompt Generation

You can use the Prompt Generation to create more complex ideas.

I selected dogs again and requested four ideas for the output.

I selected the first option and clicked Generate

These are the images that it came up with!

2.Realtime Canvas

You can create and transform your sketches into Art


Switching to Draw

Create lightning-fast, drawing-to-image generations. Use the brush tools combined with a prompt to guide your creation.

Switching to Inpaint

Easily edit and finesse your work by painting and prompting you to change specific areas.

Works best by working on a single edit at a time and then "committing" your edit by clicking the Output to Input button above the output preview.

3.Canvas Editor

The Canvas Editor allows you to edit, refine, and add details to your picture. You can also remove unwanted elements and modify styles with a few simple clicks.


Motion is their cutting-edge new feature that puts you in the director's seat. Revolutionize your process with a one-click generative video.

Simply click the Image2Motion button on any image on the AI Image Gen page or your feed.

View your video generation progress on the Al Image Gen page, or in your Personal Feed when the generation is complete.

This is the video that was generated


5.Realtime Generation

At the bottom of the screen, you can enter a prompt for the type of picture you want.

Then you can select the type of picture you want.

I selected Anime for this dog picture

For this example, I selected Painting

6.Universal Upscaler - BETA

The Universal Upscaler is presently in its BETA phase. Upon completion, it will possess the capability to enhance the resolution and dimensions of images or modify them according to specific prompts, thereby significantly improving their quality.


Discover the transformative power of Leonardo.ai, your go-to AI art generator. Harnessing advanced technology, Leonardo.ai provides a suite of image creation and editing tools that empower users to bring their visions to life. Whether you're starting with a simple text prompt or an existing image, Leonardo.ai can produce multiple high-resolution images simultaneously, streamlining your creative process.

Upon landing on the home screen, you'll be greeted with an array of features designed to cater to various artistic needs. Let's delve into the capabilities that set Leonardo.ai apart:

  • Image Generation: Create stunning visuals from scratch with ease.
  • Realtime Canvas: Watch your ideas unfold in real-time as you craft your masterpiece.
  • Canvas Editor: Fine-tune your images with precision editing tools.
  • Motion: Add dynamic movement to your creations for that extra flair.
  • Realtime Generation: Instantly generate images as your inspiration flows.
  • Universal Upscaler: Elevate the quality of your images with superior upscaling technology.

Unlock your creative potential with Leonardo.ai, where art and innovation meet. Explore these features and more to transform your creative endeavours into high-resolution realities.